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What is an SSL certificate?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a protocol that encodes information exchanged between client and server, protecting the transfer of private data.

An SSL certificate allows you to apply SSL encryption technology to your website so that the information is encrypted. Certificates are used by consumers for any site that uses private information, credit card accounts or confidential reports.

How does SSL work?

An SSL certificate is a program installed on a web server. The program consists of two parts. The first part is the key that encrypts the data, the second is the private key that decrypts the data. When a client launches a browser and connects to an SSL-protected server, a unique session is created using these two keys. All data transmitted during this session is secure and cannot be decrypted by anyone other than the specific client and server.

Why does my website need an SSL certificate?

When sensitive information is sent or received through your site, customers can expect that their information will be protected with an SSL certificate. Visitors may leave your site if they see that it is not secure.

What is an SSL Wildcard?

Wildcard certificates allow you to protect not only the main domain of the site, but also all subdomains.

For example:

All subdomains require only one certificate.

The domain I want to certify was not registered by me. Can I purchase an SSL certificate?

Yes. The domain you wish to certify does not need to be registered to you or our company.

Do you sell verified certificates?

Yes, all our certificates are verified by a Certificate Authority (CA).

What is a Certification Center?

Certification Authority is the center that validates SSL certificates.

What is the difference between domain certification and other validation certificates?

A domain verification certificate verifies that the certificate belongs to the owner or administrator of the domain name. This is the lowest level of certification with the lowest prices.

An enterprise certificate is used to verify the connection between a domain name, the owner of the domain, and the company that uses the certificate.

Extended Verification Certificates are used to better verify the buyer's company and their authority to purchase the certificate on that company's behalf. After installing the extended verification certificate, a green address bar appears in the browser - a visual indicator of the site’s reliability.

What are the advantages of purchasing premium certificates?

Domain verification certificates only provide connection encryption, while premium certificates not only encrypt the connection, but also provide your customers with peace of mind that your business is legitimate.

What does the green address bar mean?

The green address bar is a visual indicator of the legitimacy of your business. Appears only when ordering an extended verification certificate. It has built-in protection against fraudulent sites, which are indicated in the address bar in red. Research shows that businesses that use Extended Validation Certificates enjoy greater market success.

Why does a company need a certificate?

Functionally, all certificates have the same encryption level. However, for advanced customers, the company name on the certificate has the same effect as for designer clothing: it shows customers that your company is privileged.

How will users know what type of certificate I'm using?

In order to find out which certificate you are using, the client just needs to click on the lock icon in the browser bar. A new window will open with information about your certificate.

Do SSL certificates work in all browsers?

SSL certificates are compatible with 99.9% of all browsers, including all major browsers.

I changed the server and my certificate no longer works. Can I switch the certificate?

Yes, a new key (CSR) for your certificate will be generated on your new server. Contact your vendor with the new key and they will provide you with a new certificate.

Can I update my SSL certificate?

Once the certificate is installed, we cannot update it. But if you need a higher security certificate, you can purchase it and install it on the same server where the old certificate is installed. If you do not need to install a higher category certificate right now, then wait until the installed certificate expires and install another one.

Do I need technical assistance to install an SSL certificate on my website?

Installing a certificate is not difficult, but it does involve a process that is different for each server. The CA has published instructions on how to generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) and install it.

What is a digital certificate signature (CSR)?

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