Why writing to technical support is better than calling by phone Print

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Billur.com specialists recommend their clients to contact the technical service. support via email.

What are the advantages of contacting technical service? email support mail?

An electronic appeal allows you to most fully and in detail outline the essence of the problem, which is not always possible to do in a telephone conversation.
The correspondence history is saved. This will allow you to avoid controversial issues in communication with technical support specialists and protect your interests as a client.
By referring to the previously received clarification, you will be able to solve a similar problem yourself without having to contact again and wait for an answer.
An electronic appeal is equivalent to a written appeal from citizens. This guarantees compliance with the legislation regulating work with citizens’ appeals, according to which your appeal will be considered without fail and in due time.
You will be able to receive a more complete, comprehensive answer (containing the necessary materials, links to relevant instructions, articles on the Internet), since the technical service specialists. support will better understand the essence of the problem.
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