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SSL certificates are becoming increasingly popular among website owners. On the one hand, they reliably encrypt the data of visitors to Internet resources and protect them, on the other hand, they increase the reputation of projects and become an additional means of preventing phishing. But these are by no means all the benefits that an SSL certificate can provide its owner: it can significantly help a website in SEO promotion. How? BILLURCOM experts decided to answer this question.

As you know, SEO is an abbreviation for “search engine optimization”, which is translated into Russian as search engine optimization, that is, SEO is a set of techniques that help raise the site in search engine results. Position in search results is extremely important for almost any Internet resource - it contributes to the growth of the project’s audience, its recognition and effectiveness. That is why so much attention is now paid to SEO that a corresponding direction in business, specialists of this profile and even their professional holiday have appeared. The position of a site in search results is influenced by a huge number of factors - high-quality site content containing keywords by which it can be found in a search engine, the text of incoming links, the number and quality of links to the resource, and many others. What role does an SSL certificate play in this variety of criteria? The fact is that one of the key aspects of what position your site will take in a particular search engine is its trust in it. Search engines value their reputation and audience, so they strive to offer visitors the most reliable options in response to their queries. An SSL certificate is an important indicator of a website’s reliability. It demonstrates that the owner of the resource cares about its safety and the security of the data of those who use it. SSL provides data encryption while the user is connecting to a particular site. The encryption strength of different certificates varies, but even minimal 40-bit encryption is so strong that even the most sophisticated attacker with the most advanced resources would take decades to crack.

Thus, the presence of an SSL certificate symbolizes the reliability of the site, which is why search engines are more willing to offer it in search results than unprotected SSL resources. A logical question is how search engines filter out web projects without a certificate. We all know the HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol), but for sites with a certificate, the protocol changes to the HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure) extension. It is this protocol extension that makes it clear to search engines and end users that the selected site is protected by an SSL certificate. You can see the extension directly in the address bar of the browser before the direct link to the resource. In addition, when you go to sites with SSL, the address bar itself acquires a green tint, symbolizing security.

To summarize, an SSL certificate is not just a matter of protecting your Internet project and its audience, but also a direct investment in its development and efficiency. BILLURCOM offers SSL certificates from leading representatives of the global information security market on favorable terms.

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