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To order a service through your personal account, follow these steps:

1) Log in to our company’s website billur.com

2) Click on the inscription “Order a new service”

3) Select the required category

4) Click on the green “Order” button for the product you require

Below is an example of ordering a virtual hosting service.

5) In the window that appears, select whether you will purchase a new domain or redirect an existing one

6) Enter your domain name

7) On the page that opens, Select the required addition to virtual hosting (Additional disk space, additional number of email addresses, additional number of databases, additional number of domains), then click on the “Order” => “Order” button

8) Select payment method:
a) Write-off from the balance sheet account.
b) Payment using the payment system "Click" or "PayMe"

Accept the terms of service and click the blue "Complete order" button

9) Enter the requested payment information.

10) Done.

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