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A domain name is a specific sequence of letters that denotes the name of a website or is used in the names of electronic mailboxes. Domains are written in Latin letters. Choosing a domain name is a very important part when designing a website: the domain should be easy to remember. It is advisable to come up with several options for domain names, because... some of them may already be in use and you will not be able to register them.

The domain name must begin and end with a letter of the Latin alphabet or a number. Intermediate characters can be letters of the Latin alphabet, numbers or a hyphen.

Domain names are divided into levels.

For example, the domain name billur.com has three components (levels), separated by dots:

com - 1st level domain name;
billur.com - 2nd level domain name (second level domain in the com zone);
billur.com is a 3rd level domain name (third level domain in the billur.com zone).

In the email address sales@billur.com the domain name is billur.com

If you want to host your own website on the Internet or use email, register a domain name.

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