Universal contract

  • 12th July 2024
Dear Clients!     July 12, 2024 We have introduced a universal contract for all our services. For your convenience, we have developed a universal agreement for the provision of all our services. For detailed information, you can always contact the service department by phone: +998 71 237 55 55 +998 78 120 02 50 +998 78 120 02 60 +998 ...
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  • 10th July 2024
Dear Clients!     July 10, 2024 a new option SECURITY.TXT is available on the shared hosting service   Security.txt is an essential tool for managing website security and ensuring fast and effective responses to potential threats, providing a standardized way to provide contact information for security feedback.   This option is ...
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Turnkey website development

  • 5th July 2024
Dear Clients!   July 5, 2024 You can order turnkey website development from us. Our team will be happy to take on your project, select a suitable solution and create a unique, modern and convenient website for you. All your wishes will be taken into account in the work!     You can order the service on the company's website. ...
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Meet the DNSSEC service

  • 3rd July 2024
Dear Clients!     July 3, 2024 added the ability to order the DNSSEC service.     Advantage of DNSSEC: • Domain name system security extensions; • Data source authentication; • Reduces vulnerability to attacks; • Creates trust in data in applications outside of DNS.   You can order the service on the ...
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